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I'm from Perth Western Australia, and grew up immersed in epic landscapes - from the bush, to the coast, to the outback. Our beautiful flora and fauna has inspired much of my work.

I'm constantly trying and learning new mediums of creation, including collage, crochet, ceramics, painting, digital animation, pastels and lino printing.

As a teenager I went to the national art gallery on a summer scholarship where I met many other young artists, as well as learn from inspiring professional artists. That was a real turning point and made me certain I didn't want to pursue anything else besides my art! I'm also interested in gardening, sustainability, meditation and with the birth of a daughter - natural childbirth.

I feel very fortunate to have been encouraged and supported to pursue art during childhood - I believe everyone holds immense creativity within them, if only they stay in touch with it!  

Hyde Park turning autumn.2021.jpg
2020  Diploma of Visual Art, RMIT
2019  Perspectives, AGWA
2018  NGA National Summer Art Scholarship
2018  Hypervision Finalist

2018  Shaun Tan Highly Commended
2018  St Paul’s Cathedral Highly Commended
2017   Young Persons Award, Bassendean Council Art Awards
2016   Best Town of Bassendean Resident, Bassendean Council Art Awards
2016  Bassendean Council, ‘Bassendean Markets’
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